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H-ANTECH(ASIA) TRANSMISSION TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED great importance to the cultivation and use of talents, and fully implements the talent strategy of "people-oriented and all-around talents". The company adheres to the enterprise to take people, dedicates itself to being both virtuous and talented, and pays attention to the achievements, and pursues outstanding talents to set up a broad stage of talents.

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  • Graphic designers

    2018-06-06 18:01:19

    Post requirements:

    Skill requirements:

    1. Major in Art, Graphic design or other related majors, college degree or above.

    2. Have more than one year\'s relevant work experience.

    3. be skillful in using various of mapping software, such as Photoshop, Sketchup, Coreldraw, Indesign, llustrator, etc.

    4. love your job, be careful and have a strong sense of responsibility.

    5. have Strong understanding, coordinate ability and creativity.

  • Foreign sales Job requirements

    2018-06-06 17:56:34

    Post requirements:

    Skill requirements:

    1.Bachelor\'s degree

    2. CET-6 or TEM 8.Major in computer, electronics, communications, international trade and other related majors.

    3. With 1-2 years of experience in foreign trade, can be responsible for the full operation of export business independently, rich experience in development of customers, willing to engage in the sales industry, familiar with foreign trade process, national regulations and habits

    4. Positive and modest, can obey the arrangement of leaders; have strong interpersonal skills and service consciousness.

    5. Good communication skills and sales experience in International exhibition.

    6. Be familiar with office software operation, be proficient in external sales channels, e-commerce, B2B and so on.

  • Associate Trainee



    2018-05-23 17:43:26

    Post requirements:

    Skill requirements:

    Men and women are not limited, 18-25 years old, technical secondary school or above, major in electronic and  machinery, similar working experience is preferred.

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